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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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her campaign says the new classification stems from bureaucratic infighting over what should be considered top secret and they continue to call for the release of all of clinton's e-mails. this comes as the presidential candidates are just about to face their first major test with voters. >> on monday the people of iowa will cast the first votes in the 2016 presidential race. steve handelsman is following it all from des moines. >> reporter: donald trump went to new hampshire bragging about boycotting the iowa debate. >> i'm getting more publicity than if i -- you know? >> reporter: as rivals mocked trump last night. >> he's the greatest show on earth. >> reporter: he staged his own show nearby. there there >> tlaez amazing love in this room. >> they talked about him more last night when he wasn't there. >> so you like him, what, at least as much now? >> oh yes. >> you will caucus for him? >> yes, i will. >> reporter: trump got more attention than marco rubio and ted cruz who got hammered by
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rivals and earlier lost his lead in iowa polls to trump. >> and cruz is in second place. he got really pummeled last night. actually i'm glad i wasn't there because i guess all of that -- he got pummeled. wow. and, you know, they didn't even mention that he was born in canada. >> reporter: cruz insisted he would block amnesty for undocumented immigrants. >> neither donald trump or marco rubio have pledged to do that. >> iowa democrats lined up in des moines to see hillary clinton vowing to fight any replacement of obamacare. >> people who have health emergencies can't wait for us to have some theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever come to pass. >> reporter: brnz also in iowa today. he's backing a shift to a government-run plan paid for by heightened taxes on the wealthy and corporations. bernie sanders has said all along he will not make hillary clinton's e-mails an issue in his campaign but now voters here
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have been reminded about what republicans call a possible criminality. the republican party is saying today officially hillary clinton has proven again by this e-mail business that she cannot be trusted. with three days to go of course all the candidates here agree the biggest problem they face ahead is getting their supporters to actually go out and caucus for them on monday night. live at iowa caucus headquarters in des moines, i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thanks, steve. aaron gilchrist is heading to iowa. he's going to join steve this weekend so we can bring you live team coverage right on through the caucuses here on news4. and tonight we have a new interview with hillary clinton. she took a short campaign break to talk with lester holt from "nbc nightly news." >> you have painted bernie sanders as a bit of a dreamer, a bit of an idealist who can't deliver. so talk to me about all those supporters who propelled him to where he is right now. are they dreamers? are they idealists for launching onto his revolution? >> we both share a lot of the
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same goals. we want more jobs with rising incomes. we both want to make sure that the wealthy pay finally their fair share of taxes. we want to make sure we get to universal coverage, but what i think is the smartest, most effective way it get results is to build on the progress we've made. >> you're safe, is that -- >> no, i think i'm smart and i'm prepared and i know what it takes to get change made. >> you can see more of lester's interview on "nbc nightly news" right after news4 at 6:00. well, maryland's governor larry hogan calls it the most significant and widespread storm the state has ever experienced. today he lifted the state of emergency but admits there's still a lot of work to be done. tonight some people in virginia are complaining about the cleanup there. they say contractors are clearing the streets and dumping the snow on the same sidewalks they just finished shoveling. chris, i have to imagine folks are a little frustrated out there.
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>> reporter: well, chris, we can tell you that we were alerted to the problem boyy a viewer e-mai today. tonight the problem is solved as you can see in this live picture behind me. let's begin by telling you how it happened. sidewalks on the other side of greeley boulevard are clear, but on this side of the street, all of the sidewalks and bus stops that had been shoveled are now covered with snow. this cell phone video was taken by daniel boothe about midnight showing a contractor clearing snow to widen the street. >> he goes right on the sidewalk. wow. >> reporter: booth, then confronted the crew. >> here is the snow you removed and here is our sidewalk. >> reporter: today boothe showed me why he feels the sidewalk is dangerous. but he says the contractor didn't see it that way. >> i spoke with the inspector and he said they were not putting snow on the sidewalks. >> reporter: then what's behind
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you? >> that kind of was my point to the inspector. >> reporter: news4 received e-mails from viewers in northern virginia with the same problem. snow covering sidewalks that had been shoveled. today here in leesburg, snow removal quill worked to clear the sidewalks, but neighbors here in west springfield say they are getting no help. >> angry about the way they shoveled up the snow because we can't fix it. screw can't fix it why? >> because it's just -- the frozen chunks from the road have been piled up and it's hard to move. >> reporter: other neighbors accept the situation knowing freely boulevard is a snow emergency route and it had to be widened. >> there probably with have been a lot more suitable areas to put -- to set aside the snow, but there's nothing we can really do about it now except wait for it to melt. >> reporter: well, they don't have to wait for it to -- vdot
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sent a snow removal crew to this west springfield neighborhood in the last hour to clear the sidewalks so the students who live here can walk on the sidewalk to the local elementary school. that's the latest live from west springfield. doreen, back to you. >> all right. we love to see that progress. way to go, chris gordon. some snow showers this morning making way for frigid temperatures. but there's more change as we head into the weekend. doug is tracking it all from storm center 4. i know those showers gave some of us the willy this is morning, doug. >> i saw a lot of people saying wait a second, what's going on? it's snowing at my house. don't tell me we're going to get more snow. no, it was just snow shower activity. that's all we saw across the region. but those snow showers brought in with it much colder conditions and the wind. the winds have been gusting upwards of 40 miles an hour. leesburg at 20. dulles reported a 50-mile-an-hour wind gust earlier today so we saw the wind
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and the windchills, well, they've come down. 22 in manassas, 25 in leesburg. it's going to be a cold night tonight. know that if you're heading out. it's friday night. we finally made it friday night. a few icy patches. heads up for those. windchills in the teens. make sure you bundle up. coming up over the next couple days, something else completely different. something we haven't seen in three weeks. guys? >> oh, my. thank you, doug. the parents of a virginia tv reporter shot to death on live television are begging the governor to stop the gun law deal that he struck with gop leaders. her parents were joined by other gun control activists who feel betrayed by the governor's action. as julie carey reports, the governor says this plan will save lives. >> reporter: barbara and andy parker standing at governor mcauliffe's side as they rallied for tougher gun laws earlier this month. the parker's daughter alison and her co-worker were shot to death in august during a live
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broadcast, but today the parkers signed on to this sharply critical letter from a gun control group calling the governor's deal with gop leaders dangerous and wrong. >> what they do is take a step backwards rather than making a statement to the country that virginia believes in saving lives. >> calle >> reporter: mcauliffe depends the deal. it resinds a plan for virginia to no longer recognize out of state handgun permits. virginians subject to long-term protective orders would have to turn over their weapons and state police would be required at gun shows and be allowed to do background checks. >> we came together to make virginia safer. >> reporter: martina heads the virginia chapter of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. while she's also disappointed with parts 69 deal, taking guns away from some domestic abusers is key. >> it is a significant death and
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i have no doubt it will save lives. >> reporter: gun owners are glad to see out of state permits honored again. they feared trouble when they crossed state lines. >> the big thing is being able to go into surrounding states knowing you're able to carry is a big relief. >> reporter: the compromise not a done deal. most of the proposals must be approved by the general assembly. >> news4 i-team has learned maryland is scrapping a program it launched 16 years ago as part of a landmark gun law. state police say they stopped accepting, cataloging, and shoring bullet casings a year ago. it was part of a database that was supposed to help police track down guns. >> i think it's been frustrating for officials both from the legislative side who thought this would work and from our experts and our technicians at our crime lab who put a lot of time and effort into establishing the program.
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>> state police say the technology is outdated and not nearly as helpful as databases that catalog fingerprints and dna, but for now they're going to keep the massive collection of bullets in case it can help future investigations. a fairfax county school bus aide is facing two felony charges accused of sexting a student. a 16-year-old accuses morrice stephenson are sending nude pictures of himself. investigators found the photos on stephenson's phone. he's charged with soliciting a minor and he's been suspended without pay. investigators say fatigue played a role in a chain reaction crash that left three people hurt. chopper4 was flying over the scene this afternoon in senerville. a vdot worker pulled over to help a driver with a flat tire on their trailer. a truck went off-road and hit the vdot vehicle pushing it into the trailer which then hit the worker and stranded driver. all three people involved are expected to survive but the truck driver has been charged
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with reckless driving. a family's journey to justice. why relatives fear a murder suspect won't be convicted even though the crime happened on a crowded d.c. street. i'm darcy spencer in bowie where a water main break created a virtual geyser this morning. coming up, i will tell you what the next big road problem is they're planning to tackle here in prince george's county. it's a rescue that warmed our hearts during the height of the storm. the special recognition for the first responders who pulled this
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we're following breaking news in the district where an plans and a car have collided. shomari stone just got to the scene off 17th and k street. what does it look like, shomari? >> you can see traffic is moving at a snail's pace behind me. the crash happened right at the intersection right behind me over there. let me move right out of the way. that car has front end damage. there is a d.c. police officer here processing the scene. we know an plans carrying a passenger crashed with a vehicle. we heard there was a firefighter, a passenger in the plans, a and passenger in the vehicle you're looking at and they were transported to the hospital and we don't know the extent of their injuries. right now police are trying to
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figure out why the ambulance crashed with that car. again, if you planned on coming to 17th street northeast and k street northeast, you may want to stay away from here. you have this crash, snow on the side of the road so there's a traffic mess. we'll continue to bring you updates on this story as it becomes available on our nbc washington app. live in northeast d.c., i'm shomari stone. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. repair work has wrapped up after a water main burst in the heart of bowie making a mess along busy mitchellville road. that break created a small geyser for several hours and with the big temperature swings, we can expect to see more of this kind of thing and other road issues across the region. darcy spencer is live in bowie with more details on that aspect of the post-blizzard situation. hi, darcy. >> reporter: hey there, doreen. you know, transportation departments from across the region have been dealing with nothing but this, this snow, for the last week. come monday here in prince
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george's county, they will begin to tackle the pothole problem. they're one of the woes of winter, water main breaks. this one on mitchellville road in bowie was like a geyser. before wssc crews could even reach the pipe, they had to clear the snow and ice. fortunately, the problem involved a valve. that made it easier to get the job done. 50 residents were without water for several hours. the road is open. the water is back on. >> oh, my gosh, i woke up like 5:00 this morning and i looked across the street and i'm thinking what in the world? it looked like a snow blizzard just whitewater up, up, up. >> reporter: josephine brown said she kept checking her water and checking on her neighbors to make sure they were okay. >> i have never seen anything like this. and i'm so grateful that i got nice, clean water. >> reporter: but not everyone does. some residents in nearby apartments were without water for several hours, and some say
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they noticed a change. >> our water is turning brown and yellow. i can notice that its discoloration in the water. >> this is one of 313 water main breaks we have had in the month of january. that's not an extraordinarily high number. that's just winter. >> reporter: just winter but it's been rough with two feet of snow or more and now it's time to talk potholes. prince george's county will focus attention on them starting monday. they're expecting even more this season with the snow and fluctuating temperatures. now, a public works official tells me that they're going to do what's called cold patching. basically when there's a pothole, they will fill it with a cold mixture they said because the road temperatures are so cold they have to come back later in the spring and use the hot asphalt mix. back to you, doreen. >> okay. thank you, darcy. if you drive in seat pleasant you don't have to worry about
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swerving to avoid this big sinkhole anymore. repair crews have fixed the hole and repaved the road. this is on addison road. drastic temperature swings are causing a huge pothole problem across our area. if you need to report one, we've got all the right contacts you need in the nbc washington app. just search report a pothole. the next few years the secret service will spend $54 million to upgrade the radio system it uses to protect the white house. this move comes after a government audit. secret service said some radios didn't work properly when that man was able to jump the fence in 2014. the audit found the system does work as it should about 97% of the time. but still recommended an upgrade. a lot going on in iowa right now. we're just three days away from the iowa caucuses and a lot of people are still talking about that debate last night. >> "meet the press" moderator chuck todd is in des moines to explain how donald trump won the debate without even showing up and why caucus turnout will be
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so important for two of those candidates. >> chris and doreen, one thing i can tell you about iowa, there's less snow on the ground right now than there is in washington, but what we do have a lot more of is politicians and people running obviously right now in these last remaining days. i think we're seeing two fascinating developments. the big unknown is the first-time caucusgoers. bernie sanders with the democrats, donald trump with the republicans. both are counting on these people who have never caucused before. i have been spending the last few days talking with these first-time caucusgoers. for tremp many of them are older and they have lived here for years and never done it. for sanders many of the first-time caucusgoers are younger. the key to this entire process i think is going to be for both sides, how many of these first-time caucusgoers show up. if it's a big turnout, sanders can win and trump can win going away. on the republican side, i think there is a fascinating new development to follow and it sort of has to do with what happened with the debate last night. so trump doesn't go. the debate itself becomes sort of a pile on of ted cruz.
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ted cruz took on a lot of water, front page of des moines register to say -- even confi confirmed the idea cruz had a rough night. not only is he sitting in second position, but all of a sudden he's training a bunch of last minute ads against marco rubio. why? our most recent poll showed marco rubio is beginning to tick up. he had a big debate i think against cruz. he still has problems on the immigration issue with a lot in the republican base but rubio appears to potentially be on the move and so, too, is cruz but maybe the wrong way. so while trump still seems the favorite, keep an eye out. this one, two, three, this order may not be as predictable as we once thought. chris and doreen, going to be a wild, wild three or four days. >> indeed. chuck todd will be live from iowa on sunday on "meet the press." he will be joined by ted cruz,
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bernie sanders, and marco rubio. you can see that sunday morning at 10:30 here on nbc 4. a lot of us watched this brute ideal attack on a metro train. new details coming in about the teenage suspects who were apparently heading to school before the situation turned violent. also the science behind the zika virus. how researchers are using mosquitoes to try to stop this virus from spread pentagon. lots of people from our area are hitting the slopes today and even more are heading up here to the mountains this weekend. how you can save money as the resorts try to cash in op this
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and now, your storm team4 forecast. >> oh, and that forecast has some cold in it tonight, some warmer air, some rain in it. one thing the forecast does not have, at least for the next seven days, is any more snow. after seven days, well, we'll talk about that later. out there right now, what are we dealing with? we're dealing with 36 degrees. we're dealing with the cold. we saw those systems come through earlier. the cold front did bring us a little bit in the way of snow showers but right now it's just bringing us the cold and the wind. look at the windchill down to 26 currently. nothing on the radar. we did see those snow showers and rain showers around rockville and the herndon area. we saw some pretty good snow showers coming through. i was actually watching this on the radar very upset because it stayed just north of the beltway here in montgomery county.
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i live just inside the beltway. i wanted to see more snow coming down, just a little, just a little, that little, that's all it was. 30 in gaithersburg, 30 in hagerstown. 36 in d.c. the winds though make it much colder. feels like 19 in gaithersburg. 23 in camp springs. 22 in manassas. so as you make your way out tonight, it is going to be very cold. evening tonight though it gets worse. 15 to 20 that windchill. if you're making your way out, make sure you bundle up. a cold start to tomorrow morning, too. windchills between 20 and 25. not much of a windchill tomorrow b because that's where the actual temperatures will be early tomorrow as we will see less wind. speaking of tomorrow, nice sunshine at least for part of the day. a little bit broz breezy at tit high temperatures low to mid-40s. a nicer day tomorrow. 42 gaithersburg. culpepper down around 46. around the warrenton area,
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winchester, 45. now, next couple days, we get warmer. 55 on sunday. sunday right now looks like a great day. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds during the day on sunday but 55 degrees. chance of rain on monday with a high of 56. that gives us about a 40% chance of some showers. some of those could be on the heavy every side. that's something we'll be watching. if we see heavy rain on monday, it will help melt the snow but it will also help the flood potential for early next week. so we'll watch that. that front moves through, takes us down to 50 and then the warm front moves back up on wednesday. wednesday we get into the mid-60s with some rain, some of that rain heavy. when i come back at 6:45, i'll talk about that chance for rain next week, talk about the extended forecast as well. i mentioned the cold. i didn't mention what comes after day seven. maybe i will then. chris and doreen? >> oh-oh. i'm not sure we want to know. thank you, doug. dramatic new video shows the deadly confrontation out west this week. why police say they had no
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choice but to open fire and kill a protester. a family man was attacked and later died while walking to his car on fairmont street in northwest. today the victim's family was in court along with the suspect. >> we cannot grieve enough. every day we have questions. >> reporter: coming up at 6:30, why family members say they're worried justice might not be served. and fresh snow is helping to jump start business. why area ski resorts are banking on this weekend after a pretty
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. now to a family's fight for justice after a husband and father of two was attack eed outside a bar in d.c. he was punched in the face and later died. tonight his family wants to know why the attacker targeted him. >> my mind is just wondering why, why he picked him out of the blue. he doesn't even know him. >> the victim appeared to have attacked at random p.m. >> meagan fitzgerald has more on the family's concerns about this criminal case. >> reporter: chris, the family of the victim are concerned that they might not get justice. they say the man who attacked him as he was leaving this
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lounge behind us here on august 22nd is out on bond, so they fear he may avoid jail time. >> he came here. he finished his goal, he had a cpa and he worked for american airlines. >> reporter: he came to this country from ethiopia for a better life. he lived in texas with his wife and two young children. >> he came from dallas, texas, to washington, d.c., to attend one of his friend's wedding. >> reporter: this the victim's older sister. she says on august 22nd he and some friends went to the peace lounge on georgia avenue. when they left, court documents say he was attached by at man who punched him in his face and took off. the victim fell back hitting his head against the pavement and later died. >> so bad. we cannot grove enough. every day we have questions. >> the family says they were angered when the suspect was
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given bond. now they fear they might not see justice. >> he's doing his job. he's living peacefully. he was in front of us. >> reporter: but that's why they come to every court hearing with these t-shirts on. they're fighting in memory of their brother. >> why he pick him out of the blue. he doesn't even know him. he doesn't even live here. >> reporter: now, the suspect has been charged with second. > degree murder and part of his agreement includes wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet. six teenagers have been arrested for assaulting a man on the metro and they will all be charged with felony assault. this is surveillance video. a large group of teenagers attacked a man on his way to work and then hopped on a departing train. the suspects, five boys and one girl, they're all 16 or 17 years old and attend wilson high school in d.c. school may have been closed for the snow, but thousands of
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students showed up for their free and reduced price school lunches in prince george's and montgomery counties. county records show more than 1,800 did so on wednesday and thursday in montgomery county. that includes 130 each day at one of the larger meal providers, gaithersburg elementary school. in prince george's county, the district said it served 475 free meals this week. well, just a few weeks ago this was looking like it could be one of the worst winters for ski resorts in our area, but as news4's mark segraves traveled up to liberty mountain in pennsylvania, he found out the recent snow changed everything. >> reporter: after more than two feet of snow and days being trapped inside, lots of people from the washington area have traded in their snow shovels for snow skis. >> we actually went to wisp for christmas and there was no snow so that's why we're back here. >> reporter: this week's huge snowfall came just in time not just for skiers, but for all the businesses and employees who count on those skiers for their livelihood. >> well, it's a little later
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than normal, but still in the mid-atlantic at times it can be a little later, but we all knew the snow would come. once we got a little bit of cold temperatures we got open quick and the snow this week was an added bonus. >> reporter: since december was so warm, most of the resorts didn't open their slopes until mid-january this season missing out an weeks of much-needed revenue. with this new snow that was still falling today, our area resorts are in full swing. and for families who ski, there's an extra bonus, free skiing for kids. >> essentially it is free skiing for fourth and fifth graders when they come with their parents. anybody from any state can sign up for it. go to >> this is our first time out. we usually get out a little earlier in the season, maybe once in december, but when we finally got all the snow we were very excited to get out here. >> so for an industry and wrige that have been waiting weeks if not longer for snow, this comes
6:35 pm
as very good news. as for what they're going to do with all those new year's eve fireworks they didn't get to set off? well, they're going to celebrate in march. from liberty mountain resort, mark segraves, news4. >> and here is hoping mark stays up there all weekend. he certainly deserves it. we've been asking folks, are you looking forward to the weekend or are you ready to go back to work? take a look at the results of our flash survey. more than -- about 75% of you are ready to go out and enjoy this weekend. >> yeah. we're all ready for some weekend. >> i know. he worked around the clock to help clear our roads of snow, and what a nice surprise he got right in the middle of it. gerald fincham brought a scratcher lottery ticket in woodbridge while taking a break from plowing on monday and with some simple scratches with a coin, he won $225,000. how is that for a day on the snowplow? unfortunately, he couldn't enjoy it right away.
6:36 pm
he had to get back to work. a lot of snow out there to clear. fincham is from charles county, maryland. he says he was in the right place at the right time. we are happy for him. >> yeah, certainly so. look at that snil on his face there. the washington auto show got a late start because of the blizzard but now it's in full swing. you can get an up close hands on look at hundreds of cars. the show runs through sunday at the washington convention center and be sure to catch our nbc 4 special this weekend. "drive time." v.j. will show us this yore's coolest rides. that's sunday morning at 11:30 on nbc 4. and some local craft brewers are teaming up to fight cancer. how they're joining forces to help a colleague deal with a tragic loss. and we're talking a cold night tonight but warmer temperatures, much watcher into early next week. that brings another threat. we'll talk about that. i'll see new a minute.
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tonight we're getting a new look at what went down when police and fbi agents confronted the leaders of an armed occupation in oregon. the group's leaders left the wildlife refuge on tuesday and were on the way to a meeting with residents when troopers intercepted them. this is video from an fbi plane which shows one of the trucks speed off and almost run over an agent. lavoy finicum gets out of the truck with his hands in the air but then reaches toward his pocket. a trooper shot and killed him and agents say finicum had a nine millimeter in his jacket. right now the number of hold outs is town to four people. concerns over the zika virus ahead of the summer olympic games in rio. the international olympic committee says participating countries should follow the world health organization's guidance. the w.h.o. plans to meet monday to decide whether to declare the zika outbreak a global public health emergency. for people wh are not pregnant there are much more serious viruses like dengue fever to be
6:40 pm
worried about in brazil and other affected countries. >> the shrve thatissue that's t issue is the pregnancy issue and that should not be taken lightly because if there is indeed, and evidence is mounting, that there is a true connection, that's something that has to be taken very seriously. >> there has been one confirmed case of zika in virginia. that person was diagnosed after having visited an infected area. doctors are also working on developing a zika vaccine any national institutes of health in bethesda. meanwhile, scientists in the uk are hoping that adding more mosquitoes to the mix might be able to help fight this virus. nbc's kelly cobiella explains it. >> reporter: we're in the egg breeding lab in a company in the united kingdom which are fighting mosquitoes to fight moss kmosquitoes.
6:41 pm
this is the specific species which spreads zika and dengue. these are all jeanetgenetically modified. they can't survive very long outside of this lab setting. so what scientists have been doing is they take the male of this genetically modified mosquito, they release them noo a problematic wild population where there is some sort of outbreak and they breed with the females. >> there's actually 3 million mosquito eggs in this pot, believe it or not. and we can ship these very easily around the world to different areas where we're treating the mosquito and trying to remove the mosquito with our technology. >> reporter: the offspring don't survive. they never make it into adulthood and they have been able in studies to wipe out 90% or more of the specific problematic population of mosquito. just to give you an idea, the best mosquito eradication programs with chemicals can only
6:42 pm
get rid of best case 30% to 50% of a population. so it's been hugely successful. it's already being used on a small scale in brazil. they're looking at scaling it up because of the zika virus and the spread and the fda is in the process of reviewing it for use in the united states. back to you. >> back here at home and starting today you can buy a special beer to benefit the family of a woman who died from cancer. curry rose battled stage 4 stomach cancer until she died this month. her husband owns forge brow works and they just had a baby boy back in september. local breweries teamed up to create a special batch of beer called curry's cure. up next, after three years of planning, san francisco gets ready to host the biggest game in football. how first responders are preparing for any potential threats ahead of super bowl 50.
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this is david in culver in fairfax station. a warm reunion between firefighters and milo. ahead, the special recognition for these first responders. and take a look at this live picture. look at that backup in northwest d.c. our producer alerted us to this problem going on right now. this is wisconsin avenue and bradley boulevard heading out of and into the city. >> both directions. >> both directions at a
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here is a story that's made us smile all week long. a st. bernard named milo
6:46 pm
reunited with the first responders to rescued him from a frozen pond. that rescue happened during the height of the blizzard last week. bureau reporter david culver has more on the special recognition for the rescuers who jumped in to help him. >> reporter: if a dog could give thanks, this might be what it looks like. his life is owed to these fairfax county first responders and their actions here on the scenic wood glen lake a week ago. it's tempting looking at the canadian geese walking over wood glen lake but the ice certainly wasn't strong enough to hold 120-pound milo who fell right through. >> come, milo. >> the frantic yells from milo's family caught on camera. the 5-year-old st. bernard trapped in the lake's icy water. >> oh, man, when it first happened your heart just sank. >> reporter: they anxiously
6:47 pm
waited for firefighters, among them master technician david bush who suited up and jumped in. >> luckily the depth of the water helped us. it was only to chest level. >> reporter: within minutes crews got him out and to the warmth of an glance. >> luckily it all worked out and he hopped out and was very cooperative. no bite marks or scratches. >> reporter: peta recognizing the men and women of fairfax county and the firefighter department. >> we came close to loosing him and we know we did. so thank you guys. >> reporter: in fairfax station, david culver, news4. >> man, that's adorable. >> he's a happy guy. this not so adorable. doug warned us that even after the blizzard was over, we were going to be dealing with the effects for well over a week. a live look at traffic. cars at a stand still on wisconsin and bradley boulevard in upper northwest d.c. all because a lot of these lanes are so narrow because the snow
6:48 pm
is still piled up. >> i think we're in the second week at this point, aren't we? and still we're dealing with these problems. doug, is there relief on the way? >> well, we just need to melt the snow. doreen, you know that area very well. it's right there at wisconsin and bradley boulevard and that's been backed up every day. guys, every once and a while i really want to do the sports. tonight i get to do the traffic. take a look at the traffic and this is what's going on. if you're waiting for somebody, first a great shot of what's going on. this is from scott kelly up at the international space station looking at the district. look at that. a phenomenal shot as we are looking out that way. now let's take a look at max 2 and show what you we're dealing with here. look what's going on here. here is the traffic. here is the district. getting out, you're red on wisconsin avenue, red on connecticut, red on 16th, red on georgia avenue. you can't get out of the city and every single one of these trying to get at least some snow off the ground. look at the beltway. it is a mess, too.
6:49 pm
veronica johnson, she goes this way. she says she's going shopping for about an hour or so because it's just that big of a mess as far as traffic is concerned. but no weather happening now. that's all from a storm that started a week ago. 36 degrees the current temperature. temperatures falling throughout the rest of the evening down to about 28 degrees by 11:00. a very cold night. here is the current temperature, 30 in gaithersburg, 33 reston. now 32. you saw that change live right here, and we are dealing with temperatures below freezing in some areas tonight. so we're going to see some more ice. storm team4 radar, nothing to show you now but we did have some showers and they were some snow showers coming through the area a little bit earlier. that, you heard mark segraves talk about it earlier, has helped the ski resorts. the cold air, they've been able to make it. 100% open at liberty. 100% open at winter green. snowshoe has 65 inches of snow so far. they got more today, by the way. good weekend for skiing for sure. next week we'll talk about the temperatures. look how much warmer we are.
6:50 pm
if we can't melt all this snow in the next week, something is wrong, but i think we will melt it and may melt it kind of fast. we have rain on monday, rain on wednesday. that could bring with it a rather big flood threat. we'll talk much more about that as we head towards next week. by the end of next week we get cold and, guys, i can't rule out the "s" word as we head into the next week. >> what? >> just saying i can't rule it out. >> ouch. >> well, weaver just about nine days away from super bowl 50. this year it's in santa clara, california. the panthers taking on the broncos 40 miles outside of san francisco where officials say they are ready for any potential security threats. >> enforcement will be sharing information in realtime so we're all on the same page and that's critical to understanding what the situation is throughout the bay area and then responding appropriately. >> there was one little misstep. crews at levi stadium accidentally painted both end zones in broncos' colors. >> what?
6:51 pm
>> yeah. they had to go back and redo the carolina end zone and they fixed it. >> whoops. >> yeah. i know. fans not too happy about that one. coming up m sports, john wall, bradley beal were clicking lass night but the wizards continue to struggle. more on the drastic step they took today to get things back on track. >> but first here is lester holt. >> from des moines by exclusive interview with hillary clinton as the white house confirms troubling new information about what was found in her personal e-mail server. what she told me about the investigation. we take you to brazil and ground zero of the zika outbreak where lives have been forever changed. and tom brokaw in the closing days of the circus that plays out here in iowa every four years when
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> the wizards have been having a tough time lately. they start out well and then they fall apart at the end of games. >> this is the year they were supposed to take the big leap but it hasn't worked out. chris miles is in the studio to follow up on the mess. >> the wizards have the same amount of losses in a row as the maryland's men basketball team has all season.
6:55 pm
washington's losing streak is up to three games and extends to losses in five of their last six overall. practice was canceled today and the team held a players-only meeting. defense was a big part of the discussion. bradley beal did not give details about the meeting, but he did say come all-star break we continue to play like we played, it will be too late. john wall will be an all-star for a third straight season but it's clear the wizards' issues are on his mi more so than the accolades. >> we play defense for the first half and then third quarter we get down 15, 20 points and then we have to fight our way back into games and teams are already in a rhythm. we tie the game up or go up one or two, they're able to make the bigger plays we're in the able to make. we have to trust each other. i think at times we don't trust each other and it shows. playing defense, you got to guard your man sometimes.
6:56 pm
pick-and-rolls, breakdowns is going to happen. you got to help and recover and be there for that person. i think at times we lack that. a lot of open shots that they shouldn't get. >> things much better in college park. the eighth ranked terps hosted third ranked iowa. close game all the way through. robert chaarter, jr., with a hu performance. less than 90 seconds to go. jake layman feeds diamond stone. hawkeyes try to rush the ball up court. trimble comes up with the steal. terps win it 74-68. big bounceback win for maryland. barry trotz and his son tyson started best buddies tennessee, an organization to help families raising children with down syndrome and other disabilities. one of the first things trotz did arriving in nashville.
6:57 pm
week was visit the fruit of his labors and it was a joyous homecoming for everyone. it all began eight years ago thanks to an ordinary meeting with an extraordinary young lady. >> he's just the greatest. you know, most people will see barry as that guy, that bench boss, that really intense look. but how we know him is just the biggest teddy bear and so, you know, i'm thrilled he always comes back and he still supports us but it doesn't surprise me having to get to know him over the years. he has the biggest heart. >> the satisfaction that best buddies is going to be in tennessee for a long time. who knows, i mean, down the road it could be a huge part of my life. going forward, it has been a huge part of my life to this point. if you become a best buddy, you get a lot more out of it than you think you'll ever get. >> that's it for us. chris, doreen, back to you. >> all right.
6:58 pm
great story. thanks, chris. >> "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. and we hope -- have a good one.
6:59 pm
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breaking news. tonight top so credit bombshell. a breaking tonight, top secret bombshell. a major twist in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal has the campaign scrambling, and we're with her exclusively three days till iowa. also, the fight night fallout. donald trump declares victory and ignites a new firestorm with a controversial comment about ted cruz. captured after that daring jail break. a dangerous escapee turns himself in. two more on the run as a jail employee is accused of aiding the escape. we're at the outbreak epicenter of the zika pandemic where the virus is exploding. children and families living in fear. and a dramatic takedown on camera. anti-government protests, a chase, a crash and the moment fbi agents opened fire. "nightly news" begins right now.


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